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FAA Exam

The FAA exam at PR Family Medicine is designed with one goal:  start, or keep, the airman flying !

Cost:  $150 (with free initial screening)

Please go directly to MedXPress.FAA.gov to complete the online application prior your initial and, in all circumstances, prior to exam day.

The FAA exam is a two-part exam at PR Family Medicine.  The first visit, "initial" is a 15 appointment with Dr. Papoi and will determine if any additional  information, data, or consults from other providers will be required at the second visit, "exam day".  The initial is done at no charge. 

The second visit, exam day, is a much longer appointment at which time the complete FAA physical exam and evaluation is conducted.  In most cases, you will receive your FAA class II or class III certificate at the completion of the exam.  If it is not possible to issue the certificate at exam due to medical issues or lack of information, the exam fee remains $150.  Typically, the exam information is sent to the FAA for further review at this point, and determination can still favor issuance. 

If you have not completed the online MedXPress.FAA.gov application your exam will be rescheduled. 

This process is designed to get you flying, or keep you flying.  While different from other offices, the way we do it at PR Family Medicine yields the least amount of delay, avoids frustration, and improves the likely issuance of medical certificates (or a fair warning, in advance, that it may be a lengthy, but achievable process).

FAA Paperwork

Please go directly to MedXPress.FAA.gov to complete the online application prior to exam day.

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